Missiato emerged in the late 1950s with the purpose of offering the national and international market products of excellent quality that follow the strictest quality standards required by the market regulatory agencies that are geared to the needs of their most demanding customers. The opportunity to develop specific, personalized, high-tech products that meet international requirements, made Missiato a visionary company, committed to a long-term relationship with its customers. Our essential skills have made us a unique and specialized company, with a long history and tradition dedicated to the development, production and commercialization of alcoholic distillates.

Our laboratory has qualified professionals, respected and highly regarded who, through their experience and knowledge, create and develop products that are marketed nationally and in different countries around the world, giving credibility and consolidating Missiato in the more differentiated and competitive markets.

Industrial park

With an area of approximately 24,000m² and a storage capacity of 9 million liters, Missiato today has 7 automated production lines with the most advanced technology.

The seven production lines have a production capacity of more than 82,000 units / hour which are responsible for filling all products in the company’s mix.

Investing in cutting-edge technology and always keeping up to date with market trends make Missiato a company well ahead of its time. In addition to innovating and gaining new audiences with successful products, the company maintains its roots and also pleases its older consumers, thus building a success story and an increasingly promising future.


Missiato has export expertise and all the experience necessary to operate in the international market. Its products are exported to several countries around the world such as:

USA, Panama, Costa Rica, Haiti, Portugal, Belgium, Paraguay, Chile, Bolivia, Singapore, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Angola, among others.


Offer to the beverage market products recognized for their quality serving small, medium and large customers generating profitability in a competitive market and seeking business sustainability with ethics and commitment to the results of our customers and consumer satisfaction.


We are optimistic and we believe in long-term actions that allow us sustainable growth with a solid foundation focused on the organization’s growth, the realization of our professionals and profitability to achieve success.


– Satisfy our customers with superior products and services.
– Always act with integrity, transparency, ethics and honesty.
– Contribute to the community.